【Love Traveling:Cenote Diving】Absolutely recommend! Amazing view in Playa del Carmen

Hello! I’m Kaz.

I love to travel and usually go abroad twice a year.

The reason why I started to blog is I want to leave records of my life and share the experiences and knowledge with people who have  the same values.

Everyone wants to enjoy their trip and see the world they have not known yet. My goal of blogging is sending those people even a little useful information.

So the content I write is based on my own experiences and the pictures I use are those I took.

I am going to write about Mexico, which is the country I traveled to  most recently. I am going to write especially about Cancun and Playa del Carmen.

I went there in March 2017. Currently, more people are going there from Japan for their honeymoon. It seems to be getting popular among Japanese people.

The reason I chose this country was I had been wanting to see the real cenote for myself since I read the magazine and knew the existence of cenote(maybe). I thought to myself I have to see that before I die!! haha

Cenote is famous and a lot of divers go there from all over the world. Do you know what cenote is?

■What is cenote? 

Please check this video at first!

It is said that there are over 7,000 cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. What I thought when I dove there was that it is a limestone cave with full water. (There is no such place in Japan)

Cenotes are natural swimming holes formed by the collapse of porous limestone bedrock.

Cenote means “Holy spring” in Maya. The holy spring appearance looks like this.

You can see the rocks under the water. This is the entry place of Cenote Chikin Ha.

The entry of another cenote called El Eden’s entry is like this.

Comparing with Chikin Ha, it is very different. I dove at 6 different cenotes during this trip.

We were told the route after checking how the entry place was.

Since it is cave diving, people might die if they dive on a wrong route.

We made sure of the location of the stops and the curtains of light on the map.

The Cenote Tajima Ha’s map is like this.

This one is the map of Cenote El Pit.

■Finally, dream come true! Diving into cenotes!

After checking the route, we finally dove into cenotes!

The first thing that surprised me was the totally clear water.  You can see people who are over 300 feet away.

The water’s color is so beautiful. I felt a little bit cold at the very first moment but got used to the temperature soon.

ドス・オホス ダイバー数

And the second thing that surprised me was the number of divers. Divers came from all over the world to see cenotes.

Advancing deep into the cenote.


■This is how beautiful cenotes are!

You can see how beautiful cenote water is from the pictures I uploaded. But I am sure cenotes are most beautiful and attractive when sunlight comes into the water and creates curtains of light.

I went to Mexico to see the curtains all the way from Japan. And that was more amazing than I expected.

Each curtain of light is different.  Some of them can be seen near the entry places while some are in the inner parts of the cave.

As you can see the curtain’s style is also interesting. One of the curtains is like a laser beam.

The pictures may not be able to show it but these curtains are always moving, which makes the scene more beautiful. I was so impressed that I had goosebumps.

There are many people who came to snorkel at cenotes. But the really beautiful views are in the inner parts of the cave. So those people cannot see it. Therefore, I definitely recommend diving if you go to cenotes.

I will be so glad if my article makes readers even a little bit interested in cenotes. I want to go back to Mexico while writing this article.haha

Thank you for reading!

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