【Love traveling: Cozumel Diving】Amazing diving in Mexico is not only cenote but also Cozumel

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The article I write is still about Mexico diving. I had written about cenote until today but I would like to write about the Caribbean Sea this time especially Cozumel which is one of the famous oceans in the Caribbean Sea.

Have you ever heard of Cozumel island?

■ Cozumel

Cozumel island is a small island located in Southeast of Playa Del Carmen.

You can get to Cozumel from Playa Del Carmen by a boat. There is a scheduled boat and it takes about 45 minutes to get to each place.

This is a ferry in Playa Del Carmen. The scheduled boat goes and comes from here 17 times a day. I remember the inside of the boat was too cold because the airconditioner was too much.

This is a picture after landing in Cozumel.

You can see a big cruise ship over there in this picture. There are many cruise ships stop near this island. In Japan, the number of cruise travelers from abroad is increasing especially Kyushu such as Fukuoka, Nagasaki and Okinawa nowadays but I think if it is compared with that in Cozumel, the number is very different.

According to an instructor, it is getting an island for only travelers. I also felt the biggest industry here must be tourism industry because the most of the shops there are Souvenir shops rather than local shops.

We moved to an another ferry to go to the first diving point.

■ San Francisco Wall

The first diving point is San Francisco Wall! But actually we were not supposed to dive there. We could not move due to engine trouble and the closest diving point was San Francisco Wall.

The feature of San Francisco Wall is drift diving with the strong tide and steep gradient.

Our instructor was not willing to let us dive there because it is for advanced divers and we do not have enough experiences. But since we could not move he seemed like it cannot be helped.

Under water world is like this.

This can show how Caribbean Sea is! Beautiful!

The color of this fish is amazing. Since the tide is very fast and strong, it was hard to stay to take pictures.

You can see how San Francisco Wall’s tide is fast and gradient is steep.


I saw some schools of fish but not like specially big. The moment we started to surface, suddenly a huge black shadow appeared from our behind!

I cannot believe my own eyes!!


I could see a wild Spotted Eagle Ray swimmig gracefully. Some thought he swims very slow but I took this video following him as fast as I could. Actually the speed was pretty fast.

I was lucky that I could see him at the end of first diving!

■ Paradise Reef 

After San Francisco Wall diving, we moved to the next diving point, Paradise Reef. The engine trouble was solved, we could get there as scheduled.

The instructor said that there are some fish which live only in the Carribean sea and Cozumel, I was certain that I could see them because I was lucky I could see a Spotted Eagle Ray at the first diving. It was strange confidence.

As you see this point is also very beautiful!

This is taken at about 5 meter depth from surface.

This is the view of about 15 meter depth the sand was so white.

As I thought I was lucky on this day and I could see rare species fish such as spotted drum.

Some probably think how he swims because of his wired body shape.

This video can show that.


Because of this cute swimming it’s said an idol fish of Caribbean Sea.

I also could see a fish which lives only in Cozumel, Splendid toadfish.

Many people thought it doesn’t look special but there are so many divers who come to Cozumel to only look for it.

I was just very lucky to two of rare fish in only a day. Also I saw schools of fish.

And big groupers.

I had seen them only in an aquarium, the feeling watching them not through glass was very different.

I ran into them accidently in this vast ocean. I felt a little bit of fear when this huge fish was coming closer. Watching them closer, feeling of the texture of their scales and finding they don’t look like they are afraid but they pay attention to us, It was just amazing.

If you go to Cancun or Playa Del Carmen, please go to Cozumel as well!

Thank you for reading this article!

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