【Love traveling: World heritage in Mexico】Tours round Maya's historical sites, Tulum

Hello everyone!

I wrote about Chichen Itza as a heritage which symbolizes Maya’s civilization in my previous article.

【Love traveling: World heritage in Mexico】Tours round Maya's historical sites, Chichen Itza


I am going to write about anoter Mayan heritage, Tulum.

You can get there very easily from Playa Del Carmen since there are bans which go there and come back. You don’t need to transfer.

I went to Tulum by a bus from a cenote, I dove into cenotes morning on that day.

It was a really great day, I did spent such a productive day! 

If you don’t know what cenote is, just please check this.


【Love Traveling:Cenote Diving】Absolutely recommend! Amazing view in Playa del Carmen


■ Tulum 

Now I am going to write about the history of Tulum. Tulum was a city that prospered during the 13~15 century.

It is said that Tulum was created by Maya and became a city for about 70 years after the Spanish invaded. But it came to an end due to the immigration’s infection from Spain.

There were about 1,000~1,600 people in this city (reference to Wikipedia).

There are signs of Tulum heritage after paying the entrance fee and walking for a while. This sign shows the Wind temple.

I felt like I was in a jungle.

The word “Tulum” has the meaning of “wall” or “barricade” and I actually saw the walls surrounding Tulum city and people have to go through tunnels to enter the city.


In Chichen Itza, there are big main heritages around the area. But in Tulum, if you watch the video, you can find out there are similar-looking buildings are sprinkled. Therefor it looks like the houses where people used to live. 

This building is called “Grand Palace”. There is a drawing of a god under the roof and it looks like the god is adventing .

This is “Central temple”. It is at the top of the cliff so that it can see around the whole Tulum city. It is the most popular building in Tulum city.

Also the location of Tulum city is so good, you can see the Caribbean sea behind the heritages. The wind was really strong but the emerald green ocean is really beautiful. Since there is also a beach behind the heritage, it is so popular among sightseers.

This standing on the cliff is called “Wind temple”. It is said that this building protects the beautiful Tulum beach.

The reason why the location of Tulum city is just by the sea is that Tulum city’s role was a port city for Coba city. It is said that Obsidian was especially mainly traded here.

Some beach near the city is still protected for sea turtles to give birth.

There are so many Iguanas. I found more here than in Chichen Itza.

The main temple and an iguana.

An iguana near the entrace.

I also saw a squirrel.

A squirrel eating an acorn?

In Chichen Itza, each building is big and really powerful and that is attractive to people. In Tulum, buildings are less powerful comparing with Chichen Itza since it prospered as a port city, the combinations of heritages and the beautiful Caribbean sea is so marvelous. You can enjoy sightseeing and the resort!

If you go to Playa Del Carmen, Tulum could be the place you have to visit.

There are all I can share about the Mayan civillization and heritages.

Thank you so much for reading!

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