【Love traveling: Popular cities in Peninsula de Yucatan,Mexico】How is Cancun and Playa del Carmen??

Hello everyone!

I got a message from a person who read my article and the person said “I went to cenote diving with the diving shop instructor that you recommended.”

I was really happy that I could get this kind of message and it made me more motivative to keep writing blogs. Thank you so much!

I am going to write about two cities that I visited in Mexico. Those are Cancun and Playa del Carmen.

In previous articles, I wrote this two city’s names many times. But I have not really written about how they are exactly. Recently it is getting popular in Japan to travel these cities for honeymoon, I hope to provide some information about them.

■ Cancun

First, Cancun.

What kind of city do you imagine when you hear the word of “Cancun”? I think many people think of the cityscape like a resort city where many expensive hotels stand in a row beside the beautiful Caribbean ocean.

The meaning of “Cancun” is the nest of a snake. Can means a snake and Cun means a nest. As people in Maya worship the snake god, Kukulkan, snake is something very important for them at the time of the Mayan civillization. It might seem suprising. haha.

I went to Cancun stopping by Dallas from Narita airport. I used American airlines on my round trip but I can not say their service is good.

It took about 15-16 hours. It was one of the longest flights I have ever had and I was exhausted. But I was really impressed and happy when I saw a part of the Peninsula de Yucatan and Carebbean ocean from the plane.

After the long flight, the first place I went to was the hotel. Because I was tired? No. Actually, I left the hotel right after I put my luggage beause I wanted to see how beautiful the Caribbean sea is.

I stayed the same hotel which is located a little bit away from the resort hotels area when I was in Cancun. I will write about the hotel in more detail late later.

■ Beach 

This is the one of the pictures that I could finally take after a long time looking for the public beach. I took a taxi to get to this beach after all.

It was difficult to look for a public beach because there are mostly private beaches in front of hotels.

Since I imagined that the beach in Cancun is like Waikiki beach in Hawaii where everyone can swim, I was a little bit disappointed.

A picture from the sky. The parts where the colors are thick are seaweed.

If you want to enjoy staying at the beach, you can consider staying at a higher-priced beachfronthotel or just look for a hotel located near a public beach.

■ Hotels   

I stayed at Hotel Ikaro Suites. The cost is about $40 per night. As I mentioned before, it was a little bit away from the resort hotels area.

Inside is like this, it was very spacious. It was only me but there were three beds. I can recommend this hotel to people who travel with family to book this hotel. Also there is a pool and some children were playing.

Airconditioner works well so I had a comfortable night. I was always outside during daytime.

There is no problem except for two things. One is the shower. It has only cold water. Although the weather was pretty hot when I traveled, the water was pretty cold. If hot shower is important to you, you better look for other hotels.

And the other thing is there are many ants inside the room. So if you eat inside of the room you need to be careful and make sure that no food will be left.

■ Restaurant & Food

What kind of food do you imagine when you think about Mexican food? That must be Tacos!

I tried some different kind of Tacos! Eating real tacos in Mexico made me so happy! My favorite restaurant is Food & Fun. Their food and service are really good! I often went there and I highly recommend it.

These make me want to eat Tacos again.

There are some food stands in a row outside at night like in Japanese festival events. There were many people and it was busy.

Drinks are also good! You can try some Mexican beers.

Since Mexico is the birthplace of Corona, there are many Corona special stores like the convenience stores in Japan.

Of course people must try tequila here.

If you want to go to Playa Del Carmen, you can take a bus. But I usually take the taxi of a diving shop because public transportation is sometimes delayed and I did not want to be late for my diving appointment. It takes about an hour from Cancun to Playa Del Carmen.

If you like to run, there is a good running course as well.

I ran every morning.

That is all I can share about Cancun! Next is Playa Del Carmen.

Thank you so much for reading!








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■ レストラン&食事


お気に入りのレストランはFood & Funというところで、味もサービスも100点満点。いろんなタコスを試すためによく行きました。