【Love traveling:Popular cities in Peninsula de Yucatan,Mexico】How is Cancun and Playa del Carmen?? No2

Hello everyone.

I wrote about Cancun, one of the popular cities in Mexico.

【Love traveling: Popular cities in Peninsula de Yucatan,Mexico】How is Cancun and Playa del Carmen??

Now,I am going to write about Playa Del Carmen, a city one hour away to the south from Cancun. In the city beside the beautiful ocean, relaxing time passes there. I hope I can describe to you Playa Del Carmen by using a lot of pictures!

Please watch this video first.


It is very beautiful, isn’t it?? Some small traditional shows are held beside the ocean everyday so it is busy. There are many people from abroad, especially from Western countries.

■ Playa Del Carmen

Playa Del Carmen is a small port city. Its the population is about 140,000.

The landscape is like this.


Drivers are restricted to drive on those streets and only pedestrian can walk during daytime. The well-planned streets suprised me a little. There are many souvenir shops for tourists.


You can enjoy drinking from daytime.


Drinking on swing chairs look very comfortable.  This bar seems to have all brands of Mexican beer.

You can get to the beach easily because it is a port city!


Because of the similar structure of the roads, you can go to the beach and see a similar view like this even if you take any street in the city.

This view could make you want to run to beach! This beach is public and it lasts a long way. Everyone can swim and lay freely here, which makes it different from Cancun.


I enjoyed drinking corona beer seeing this beautiful view. The taste was special!

■ Hotel 

I stayed at SC Hotel Playa del Carmen when I was there. It costs about 34 dollars.


I like the architecture. A pool is in the middle of the hotel and the rooms surround the pool. Since there is no ceiling, refreshing wind and bright sunshine come into the hotel.

I missed taking pictures of the interiors of the room but it was good! Since the location of this hotel is near the beach, you can keep drinking late at the beach until you get sleepy.

The hotel at night looks like this.


I slept for a while when I drank too much.

■ Restaurant & food

I made some friends during diving. We often had lunch and dinner together. That is the best thing during trips. A diving instructor brought us to his favorite restaurant.

In addition to tacos, there are many seafood dishs. This restaurant is very popular. It was full and several people were waiting outside even though it was rainy. The rain was temporary but heavy.


We also waited for empty tables for a while and finally got seats.

I missed taking pictures of food because I was too absorbed in eating. But I can show the food I ate in Playa Del Carmen in stead of food in this restaurant.

Torta is one of my favorite food and I ate this as breakfast everyday.

■ Parque Los Fundadores

There is a small park called Parque Los Fundadores near the ferry boat that goes to Cozumel.

The gate with the statue of two humans can be a symbol of this park. This is the picture I took in the early morning. The Caribbean ocean from here is so very beautiful!

There are two small events which attract tourism. You will find out what those are if you watch the video at the beginning of this article.


This is called Palo Voladores. Four people spin down from about a 30-meter height with the drum melody that the person at the top of the pole makes. But it is a little bit sober.

More people gather to see this event on the other side of Palo Voladores.

The number of people, the traditional clothes, the dance and everything is better than Palo Voladores and that attracts tourism.

They even use fire.


I don’t know what kind of meaning their dance has but since it seems like a traditional dance, I think it is probably related to something like worshipping Kukulcan.

If you pay tip, you can take pictures with them. It could be one of your good memories.

■ Diving at Cenotes

If you go to Playa Del Carmen, you must see cenotes! It is the one of the unexplored regions in the world.

I wrote about cenotes in more detail on the previous articles, so please take a look if you are interested.

【Love Traveling:Cenote Diving】Absolutely recommend! Amazing view in Playa del Carmen

■ Cozumel

You can go to Cozumel which is about 40 minutes away from Playa Del Carmen.

If you have time, you can go there and enjoy diving!

【Love traveling: Cozumel Diving】Amazing diving in Mexico is not only cenote but also Cozumel

■ Tulum

You also need to see Maya’s historical sites, Tulum! You can get to Tulum easily because there are vans going to Tulum from Playa Del Carmen.

【Love traveling: World heritage in Mexico】Tours round Maya's historical sites, Tulum

Playa Del Carmen is a small port city but you can go to many places from there as I mentioned.

Even if you don’t have any plans, you can enjoy swimming at the Caribbean ocean and so on.

You can just enjoy busy but cozy time. I definitely want to go there again!

Thank you so much for reading!


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