【Love traveling: The belly button of the earth that I had wanted to see】Do you know about Belize??


I finally finished writing about Mexico and I can move on to the next new country, Belize.

The article I wrote is about how to enjoy traveling in Mexico, starting from diving.

Now, I am going to write about Belize.



■ Do you know about Belize?

In Japan, most people don’t know about Belize at all. When I told friends that I went to Belize, they reacted like “What is that?”, “Where?”, “Is that a country?”.haha

Belize is the name of a country in Central America.

Belize is the country just next to Mexico. I went there after traveling in Mexico.

Of course it is easy to get to Belize by using a bus from Mexico but I went to Miami in America and then went to Belize for some reasons.


■ About Belize

The population of Belize is about 367 thausand (in 2016). This number is about just only 0.2% of the population of Japan.

And the area of land is about 22,970k㎡. This is about same size Shikoku that is smallest island in Japan.

I visitied Belize city and San Pedro this time.


■ Belize city 

It took about 30 minutes to get to Belize City from Philip Goldson International Airport. My friend who works at the airport drove me there this time.The road on the way to Belize city is under construction and very rough.

Since I arrived in Belize City at noon, the first thing to do was to have lunch.

Fresh vegetables and fruits are very good.

Belize brand beer, BELIKIN was also really good! Drinking beer from daytime is especially good!


This is a bar. There is a small space next to this bar and food stands are set-up on this space at night. The river is not clean and I did not expect that because this river is connected to the Caribbean ocean.

There is also a ship yard along this river, which is not on this picture though. People can move to San Pedro island or Caye Caulker island from there.

I went to San Pedro at this time and I will write about that later.

This is the food I ate every morning when I was in Belize City. It is call fried Jack. You can recognize egg and meat. But the other one that looks like a banana?

This is food that flower doltier is flied. And the taste was so good.


■ Belize Zoo

Actually there are not really many things to do in the city so I went to Belize zoo.

There is bus station and you can get to the zoo in about an hour.

There are few cars running. It seems like if you miss a bus, you have to wait for the next bus forever.haha

The weather was not really good and sometimes there was a sudden shower.

The entrance of the zoo is like this. The enter fee is different between Belize natonal and foreigner and the fee for foreigner is higher.

Maybe you think there are few people in this zoo but actually, there are many tourism.

Unfortunately I could not take many pictures due to heavy rain.

But there are many animals I have never seen before so it was good for me. And the atmosphere of this zoo is very different from Japan’s. It is more like a jungle.


I will write about San Pedro next!

Thank you so much for reading! 

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