Love traveling: The belly button of the earth that I had wanted to see. I finally saw! The hole in the ocean that I had wanted to see

Hello, everyone!

I am going to write more about Belize, continuing from my last article.

【Love traveling: The belly button of the earth that I had wanted to see】Do you know about Belize??

But this time, I would like to write about San Pedro that is a small island 60min away by boat from the main island.


It was the best weather when I was there.

I want to tell everything about San Pedro using a lot of pictures. I like San Pedro more than Belize City, which I wrote about last time.

Please watch this video. Most of the places and scenes here were taken in San Pedro.

The ocean is extremely beautiful, right!? I am going to tell you how to go and what you can do there.

 How to get to San Pedro 

There are scheduled boats from Belize City, 12 times a day. And it takes about 60min-90min. Those boats usually stop by Caye Caulker, which is on the way to San Pedro and is also a popular island among tourists. Since people who go to Caye Caulker and San Pedro take the same boat, it was pretty crowded until it got to Caye Caulker.

I took a boat to go to San Pedro but there is another option.

There are 25 scheduled flights from Belize City daily.  You can choose between Tropic airline and Maya Island airline.

If you go by plane, it takes only 15min-30min.

■ Time passes by slowly in San Pedro 

San Pedro is a small island surrounded by the Caribbean ocean. People looked so relax everyday and I felt time passed by slowly there.

You can go diving, you can go to the beach, you can sleep at the hotel, you can drink from noon. You can do anything although there is nothing extra special except the beautiful ocean.haha


I like to go running so I often ran in the early morning and went diving after running. I also explored in the island and sometimes drank from noon.

■ Ocean is super beautiful 

If you love resort trips, I can really recommend for you to go to San Pedro.  There is no

luxury hotel and there are many undeveloped places in San Pedro. Therefor, I thought the nature keeps it beautiful.


The water is so clear. And

I found the most beautiful basketball court in the world.


When I took this picture there were two boys playing basketball and that made the scene even better for taking  pictures. It was really nice.

■ What are the good activities in San Pedro?

Since the ocean is very beautiful, going to the beach is a must. Also there are some diving shops.


A white diagonal on a red cloth, this is the diving flag. There are many dive sites!!


I dove at two different sites and hoped I had more time.


This is not really a good picture but you can see the sharks there. It was my first time to see wild sharks and it was one of the greatest experiences. They were friendly.

If you don’t have a license you can enjoy snorkeling. I probably saw a tour advertisement  for watching sharks by snorkeling.

You can also enjoy the beautiful ocean from the sky. If you take a charter flight, the staff will bring you to see the world heritage in Belize. There is the coastal area on the ocean and it is an outstanding natural system consisting of the largest barrier reef in the northern hemisphere, offshore atolls, several hundred sand cays and so on.


Four to six people are required to take the charter flight but since I was traveling alone I had to pay the same price. The tour was about an hour tour and it was really expensive but for me it has higher value than its price. It was about 600 dollars or so.


People can’t see the belly button of the earth without taking this flight, I thought it is so expensive but I can’t go back to Japan without seeing that. So I didn’t hesitate.haha


■ The belly button of the earth is the Blue Hole!

This is a must-see!! The belly button of the earth, Blue Hole!!

I went there all the way from Japan to see this and finally saw this amazing view. I was so happy to see this to achieve my travel goal.

I can’t describe how beautiful Blue hole is. It is a perfect blue circle created by nature.


If you go to Belize, you definitely have to see this view. I actually wanted to try skydiving into Blue Hole but I could not make it due to the price. It is 5000 dollars for one dive. LOL

Of course, you can do skydiving at different places near the beach and it doesn’t cost as much. It is about 300 dollars.

■ The best food in Belize is Ceviche

I would like to introduce some food I ate there. The best food for me was ceviche and I really want to you to eat Ceviche in San Pedro.

Ceviche is a food which has mixed onions, tomatoes and fresh fish or squid or shrimp (one of those) and lime juice. People eat that with chips. There is no food in Japan like ceviche . That was my first time to eat it and the taste was really, really, really good!

I ate it everyday.


This is squid ceviche. I tried some different ceviche and all of them tastes really good. But the No.1 taste for me was the shrimp one.


You can enjoy having dinner watching sunset like this.


There are other good food.

That is all about San Pedro and Belize. I hope you could enjoy and this article makes you want go there.

Thank you so much for reading!!