Love traveling: It’s always like summer. If you really wanna enjoy at the beach when it’s winter in your country, the Philippines could be the best place to go!!

Hello, everyone!

I would like to write about the Philippines starting from this article!

What do you think about the Philippines?

“Always summer”,”Tropical islands”,”beautiful ocean”,”It’s a little bit dangerous”. Each has his own image about the Philippines but I think what many people think is among those things. I also had the same ideas. haha

I don’t know why but Cebu island is especially popular among Japanese people. So many people go there from Japan during winter season. But I feel many of them stay only in Cebu City and less people go out of the city.

I went to the Philippines for 10days in 2018 and I had wonderful experiences there. There are so many good places to go and see in the Philippines. Of course, it is not enough to tell only about places I traveled but I also want to share what I saw and experienced.

I will be glad if you use this article as reference when you go there.

■ What kind of country is the Philippines?

I wrote down things I personally thought important to know in advance.

1. Geography, Land 

As most of you know, the Philippines is a Southeast Asian country. According to Wikipedia, over 7,000 islands consist the Philippines. My Filippino friend told me they were previously taught there were 7,107 islands. Now, the number increased to 7,641 islands.

2. Culture, Religion, Language

Filipino, which is based in Tagalog, is the spoken language in the Philippines but people can speak English as well. So if you can speak English, there is no problem.


The Philippines is a Christian nation. The religion of most Filipinos Roman Catholic. Church is crowded every Sunday.

3. Can people walk alone at night?

My friend told that me I need to watch my belongings when I walk on the street even when it’s daytime. I think it is not really safe although it depends on where. But all Filipinos people I met during the trip were so nice and I never felt it was dangerous at all.

4. Food

Many food are pretty oily but DELICIOUS. Simple-tasting soup was also really delicious.

Meat dish, fish dish, fresh friuts, you can enjoy many food in Philippines.


5. Travel budget

I stayed there for 10days in Cebu and Palawan. The total amount I spent was approximately 2,000 US dollars and it included roundtrip flights. I went to many places in the two islands and stayed at different hotels. So it costs transportation. Also, I did activities such as diving and island-hopping. Those kinds of costs are included. Do you think it is expensive? I enjoyed enough!

■ The reason I chose Philippines

The reason was I wanted to see whale sharks and swim together with them before I die! Also, it was winter season in Japan, so I wanted to go somewhere hot. It is so simple, right?


They gave me so much chills. I could see my friends there and we really had a good time!

■ The summary of the trip

I traveled to the East, South and West side of Cebu island and the North side of Palawan island.

To be exact, Cebu City, Moalboal, Oslob, Badian in Cebu and El Nido and Coron in Palawan. You can see where those places are in this post card.


I made a video, please check it out! Hope you like it 🙂

What did you think?? Now, do you want to go there, too??haha

■ Weather condition in Philippines

Mabye you thought good weather lasted during my whole trip but actually rainy days lasted for a while because a typhoon passed through to the Philippines.

I did not have a good luck so I had to cancel a tour.  But the good thing was I could take a boat to Coron although it was on the next day we supposed to go. The boat couldn’t go on schedule due to the typhoon. Some were not able to take the boat on the day they wanted. That was because people needed to get a boat ticket again but many people thought the same things so it got difficult to buy tickets.

My friends tried their best and fortunately we could take the boat on the next day we scheduled.

Typhoon comes even in December and January in the Philippines. Even if you made a  plan, there is a chance will be messed up haha.

■ My favorite places in the Philippines

Although a part of my trip was ruined by a typhoon, thinking about the whole trip, I think it was so very good. And I could re-recognize how my friends are important and helpful, Thanks to them I could come back to Japan.

The landscapes I especially liked are CYC beach in Coron, Big lagoon and Small lagoon in El Nido and Sardine run in Moalboal.

This is CYC beach and I think this is absolutely one of the most beautiful seas in the world.


You definitely need to go to the Philippines! A paradise is waiting for you!! haha I will come back!!

Thank you so much for reading!









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