Love traveling: It was like the hugest creature in the world. It was AWESOME! Sardine Run in Moalboal, Philippines!!

Hello everyone!

I would like to write about Moalboal, Philippines. I think there are only a few people who can imagine immediately the town in Cebu, Philippines when you hear the word “Moalboal”. haha

I am very glad to talk about this town and share an amazing experience that I had there. Let’s go!!

First of all, as I mentioned, Moalboal is one of the towns in Cebu. This is a post card my Filipino friend sent to me. It’s a bit small but can you find where Moalboal is in this card?


Moalboal is located Southwest of Cebu island. You can see two stars on the left side and the star which is the higher position is the one where Moalboal is.

■ Amazing Diving in Moalboal!! You must see the Sardine Run!

The biggest reason I chose to go to this town is because of diving! I can’t think of going the countries whose ocean is beautiful without diving. haha

Just only having a diving license can make your travel more enjoyable. Needless to say that you can enjoy diving and seeing creatures. Also it is easy to make new friends who are on the same boat.

Sardine run is so famous in Moalboal. Divers come from all over the world to see that. Unfortunately, the water was not so clear.  That is maybe because there were too much plankton.

Ok! Seeing is believing! Please check this out!!

It was SO AMAZING that millions and millions of sardines changed their school shape! They became like a massive ball but some of them started to run and extended into a line soon. It is too huge so I was like “where should I see??” Sometimes I realized I was surrounded by them.  It never makes you bored. It was also too difficult to take the picture. You can’t take the whole shape. So I took more videos instead. There are some pictures but just only a part of the school.


I remember I had a weird feeling when I was surrounded by sardines. I really thought this is one really huge creature and I would be eaten. And also I thought I was watching a really beautiful ecosystem and I’m part of them. I can’t explain well but it was kind of a mixed feeling of fear and wonder.haha

I wished the water was clearer but it can’t be helped. I think the water is clearer in the morning than in the afternoon.


It was about 4 pm when this picture was taken.

It was already evening when we finished diving. I was going to dive on the next day in Oslob. I didn’t stay overnight in Moalboal. I moved to Oslob on the same day.

It was a little bit disappointing that the water wasn’t so clear but I was really satisfied with the sardine run. I absolutely love it!!

■ How to get to Moaboal

I would like to tell how to get there next.  I stayed at a hotel in Cebu City one night before going to dive in Moalboal since it was pretty late night when I arrived in the Philippines from Japan.

I got a hotel pick up from the diving shop in Moalboal. You can request for it when you book a dive trip. It is so convenient.

You can see Moalboal’s location on the photo I posted above in this article. It is in the  southwestern side from Cebu City. And it is pretty far.


We went through a mountain and there was only one road to pass through and sometimes we were involved in a traffic jam so it took about 3 hours.

We left around 10am and when we got to Moalboal it was already about noon.

According to some other information, you can go there until some extent by a bus but you still have to take a motorcycle or tricycle. Tricycle is like a motorcycle with a side car.

I was glad that I could take a hotel pick up service. It was comfortable and so easy. You had better check there is a hotel pick up service when you book a tour or so in Moalboal.

■ The cityscape of the places I visited in Moalboal

I went to Moalboal just only for the diving so I didn’t go to any other places. This will be a very small information. The road is super narrow like only one car can pass through.

Most of the people are walking or driving a motorcycle.


I would never want to drive this narrow road. The driver’s driving skill is so high.

This is the diving shop we booked.


The staff and tour guide are very nice and friendly. Their service is also very good.

You can rent diving gears but you have to set it up by yourself.  Of course, they will help if you don’t know how to set it up. The tank I rented had a small trouble, which is leaking air from the part of the connection between the tank and the regulator. So I had to change the devices right before diving. We were already in the ocean and checking the devices at that time. It was good to notice the problem at the start.

There are over 10 diving sites there.

■ Having a small lunch before diving


We were hungry since it was past noon when we got there. So we decided to have a small lunch because it was an hour before diving.


This is a Filipino food called Sinigang. This taste is sour but also plain. And it is so very good!! I love this!!

As you see there are some vegetables such as eggplant, okra, onion, string beans, so healthy. You can choose chicken or pork. I ate this soup like once a day. haha

I was supposed to have a small lunch like only this soup but I ordered more after all.


Like this. We could not finish so we took them out. haha

This is all about experiences that I had in Moalboal although there is only information about diving. haha

I just hope I could post better diving pictures but it was just so difficult.

One more information I can share about diving in Moalboal is that the sardine run can be seen near the surface of the water and 15m depth. So you don’t need the advance license and you can even see them just by snorkeling.

If you are interested, please read this article! The overview my of whole Philippine trip is written here.

Love traveling: It’s always like summer. If you really wanna enjoy at the beach when it’s winter in your country, the Philippines could be the best place to go!!

Thank you for reading!!

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