Love traveling: Moving to Oslob from Moalboal. Introducing Oslob and the Hotel where I stayed there

Hello everyone!

I would like to introduce the hotel where I stayed in Oslob in this article.

I wrote about Moalboal, which is one of the towns in Cebu, Philippines. If you’re wondering “What is Moalboal?”, please read this article.

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■ From Moalboal to Oslob

Oslob is also a municipality in Cebu island. It is located in the Southeast of Cebu.


It was evening when I finished diving and left Moalboal. So when I got to Oslob, it was already night time.

The transportation is a van and it took about 2 hours and 30 minutes to get to Oslob. It was a pretty long drive again.

The staff of the diving shop drove us to the hotel in Oslob. This is a really convenient and useful service. 

But the driver drove pretty fast and there were only a few lights on the road. Plus many people and animals were walking on the road in the dark. I was worried we might hit some people.


This day was such a long day, moving to Moalboal from Cebu City in the morning, diving until evening, moving to Oslob from Moalboal. I was pretty tired. I think I was completely asleep in the vehicle on the way to Oslob.


■ Introduction of the hotel where I stayed in Oslob

After a long drive, finally I got to a hotel called Ging-Ging Hotel & Resort which has a 3.5-star rating on tripadvisor. The atmosphere was so good I almost forgot I was tired.


I liked the lights. Tables surround the pool forming a letter of “L”. The sea is right next to the hotel.


This is taken from the other side. This hotel has 3 floors.


■ Filipino local food and beer are the best to make tired you rise up again!

After checking in and taking a shower, it is finally dinner time.

We enjoyed local beers while waiting for our food! The first beer I drank was the beer my friend recommended. This is the beer. It is said to be the most famous and best selling beer in the Philippines.

フィリピンのローカルビール サンミゲル ピルセン

San Miguel Pale Pilsen. It looks better with the blue lights behind! While drinking beer in front of the ocean, you can hear the the sound of the waves. That was so relaxing and the taste of the beer was the best. I finished this soon and ordered another local beer.

フィリピンのローカルビール レッドホース

RED HORSE BEER.  This was also really good! It is one of the most popular beers known for its higher alcohol content.  Thus, “Extra Strong”.

I couldn’t stop drinking and ordered my 3rd beer.

フィリピンのローカルビール サンミゲル ライト

San Mig LIGHT. It is the same brand with the first beer I introduced. This is a low-calorie beer, which is why it is “light” on the stomach. It is good for longer drinking sessions with friends.

This hotel has this 3 different local beers. Since I was tired, it didn’t take a long time to get tipsy. 

The food we ordered came while we were enjoying the conversation about our university life and the plan of the trip.   

フィリピン オスロブで食べた夕食
フィリピン オスロブで食べた夕食2
フィリピン オスロブで食べた夕食3

These are the food we ate on this night. There is still a picture of chicken wings that we ate but the picture is not so good. So I cannot show here.  Those were a bit oily but I loved that.

We got full, drunk and satisfied enough to sleep after a couple of hours!


■ Good morning Oslob!

The day begins with seeing the sun rise.

フィリピン オスロブで滞在したホテルから見た朝日

The wind is so good and I could sleep tight at night. So I felt something special with this view.

There were a bit too much clouds but the sunshine is so beautiful. You can see the bottom of the water. I stood here for a while.

フィリピン オスロブで滞在したホテルでとった朝食

This is my breakfast. Four slices of bread for a person. There are a few more food choices for breakfast. And you can order fresh fruit juice.


The schedule on this day is diving.

Actually I came to Oslob to see a creature, can you guess what it is?

I want to write the answer on the next article.

Thank you so much for reading! 



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