Love traveling: The activity and the place I recommend in Oslob, Cebu. I have never seen huge creatures like this one!!

Hello everyone!

I am going to introduce you to Oslob, Cebu just as I promised in the previous article,  which is about moving from Moalboal to Oslob, the hotel I stayed in, and the food and beer.

If you are interested in the previous article, this is the link.

Love traveling: Moving to Oslob from Moalboal. Introducing Oslob and the Hotel where I stayed there

In this new article, I would like to introduce the activity and a place I really recommend in Cebu.

■ Dove at the most southern location in Oslob, Cebu

The reason why I decided to travel in Philippines was I wanted to dive there. And one of the biggest goals of traveling in the Philippines was watching one very famous creature in Oslob. Can you guess what it is? I will tell you in a while.

My Filipino friend and I waited for our hotel pick-up service that we booked as part of our diving tour package in Oslob. The pick-up time was at 6:00am at the hotel entrance. But one hour had already passed and still no staff from the diving shop arrived at our hotel. My friend worried and called the diving shop.

We found out that there was a confusion. The staff mistook us for different customers who booked to dive at a later time. Some minutes later, two motorcycles arrived at our hotel entrance and we finally got to the diving shop. We started to dive way later than  we were supposed to.

■ Hello Whale Shark!! I came here in Cebu to see you guys!! 

Now you know that the main reason why I came to Oslob! haha

I wanted to see wild whale sharks. Sardine run is very famous in Moalboal but whale shark is very famous in Oslob.

You can see the “Whale Shark Watching” sign written on the big board.


Many of tourists came from all over the world to see wild whale sharks. Tripadvisor introduces this Whale Shark Watching as one of the activities in Cebu. Many people recommended this activity. Some of them left comments saying they really liked it. You will find out this is a very popular activity there.

But many of the tourists do snorkeling and there were long lines people waiting for their turns to take the boats going near the whale sharks. Comparing with that, there were only a few people who did diving and we could  dive into the ocean going through the line.

The view underwater is like this.


You can see whale sharks at an aquarium. People can see them everyday there because they are fed by people on the boats so they are “wild” whale sharks and people also enjoy feeding. Peoples’ opinions about this are divided into two.

Touching them is of course prohibited.


Since our start time of diving was already late, the water was already cloudy. But you can never know the feeling of such massive animals passing by right next to you at any aquarium. I felt a little bit of fear at this moment when a huge whale shark passed right next to me even though I knew that they never hurt anything.


Bigger ones are over 10 meters long. Small ones are like 4 or 5 meters long. They looked like children.


■ The diving shop in Oslob we booked

This is the diving shop we booked. DEEP ZONE DIVE CENTER. They forgot our 6:00 am reservetion but the staff were nice, kind and friendly.


You change clothes here and walk to the ocean. It is about 200 meters from the ocean. It is not far at all. The staff brings all of the instruments you need for diving such as tanks, BC, regulators and so on.

If you want to see whale sharks, then diving would be better than snorkeling. Snorkeling  is also good but I don’t think it is easy to be able to see wider views like seeing how many whale sharks are in the vicinity, where they are and what do.

I definitely recommend diving!

■ Whale shark watching isn’t the only thing that you can do in Oslob! Let’s go to Tumalog Falls and breathe fresh air.

I think the aim of people going to Oslob is whale shark watching. But there is another good place you should go to Oslob. It is Tumalog Falls, which is a beautiful falls.

After we finished diving, the diving shop staff brought us to the top of a mountain which is 15 minutes away from the diving shop by the motorcycle. The road was pretty steep and it was very helpful for us that they brought us there.

We walked down to the entrance of the waterfalls. The fee for entering is 20 pesos. After paying and walking 50 meters, you can see this view.


I was lost for words because of this grandeur-view and the sounds. Also, the color of the water surprised me.


I have never seen this natural creamy white water.

Falls closer.


This is the view from the under the falls. The water was so cold.


Some people were swimming. The depth is around one meter. I recommend wearing aqua shoes because there are many small stones in the water and it could cause injury.

Slippers easily slip off when you walk in water so shoes are better.

Also, you might need to bring a waterproof to protect your belongings from the waterfalls.

I am glad if you are interested to go there after reading this article.

Thank you so much for reading!!

See you on the next article!!


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