Love traveling: Is this the most fun activity in Cebu!? Trekking/Swimming/Jumping/Canyoneering in Kawasan Falls

Hello, everyone!

I am still writing about Cebu. Since Cebu is a very popular place and many people travel there, I would like to share my experiences. And I will be really glad if my articles will be useful for people planning to go there.

I’ve introduced Cebu in the previous three articles about Moalboal and Oslob. I will put the links to those articles below so that you can read them if you are interested. 

I am going to talk about the activity I personally think is the most pouplar in Cebu.


■ A secret beautiful place in the Southwestern part of Cebu

The place where you can enjoy this fun activity is in Badian, Cebu. Since I stayed in Oslob the night before, I left Oslob to Badian at 6:00 am going to Badian. It takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes by car.

Our travel plan in Cebu started from Cebu City → Moalboal → Oslob → Badian so we had a lengthy travel time.

Our destination in Badian is Kawasan Falls, which is said to be the biggest waterfalls in Cebu and is highly recommended in many travel sites.


■ How to get to Kawasan Falls from Cebu City

Since we went there from Oslob, here are some second-hand information from a travel site I looked up.


1: Bus terminal

You can get on the bus from “Cebu South Bus Terminal”. A lot of buses go to places far away from Cebu from this terminal. The terminal is near “Colon Street”. This is a major street so every taxi driver would know where it is.


2: How to get the bus to Kawasan Falls

Look for the bus with a sign saying “BATO via BARILI”. This is the bus you need to take. You need to be careful because there is another bus for “BATO via OSLOB” and it doesn’t pass by Kawasan Falls.


3: Ticket

You don’t need to buy the ticket in advance. You can ride on the bus and sit on an empty seat. The conductor will come and you can pay at that time. The one-way fare is 160 Pesos.


4: The bus stop to get off

It takes about 3~4 hours from Cebu. The bus stop is “Kawasan Falls” and it is not the last bus stop.


When you arrive at the site, the first thing you do is pay at the reception. 

It was about 70 US dollars.

The fee already includes the airconditioned car  (for 10 hours from pick-up at the hotel in Oslob at 6:00 am to drop-off in Cebu City after canyoneering), local tour guide, canyoneering at Canlaob River downstream going to Kawasan Falls, life jacket rental, helmet rental, aqua shoes rental, waterproof bag rental, motorcycle ride from reception area to canyoneering starting point, bottled water, chocolate candy bar, complimentary lunch, swimming at Kawasan Falls, all of entrance fees and government taxes.


We booked the canyoneering tour online with Island Trek Tours and paid 50% downpayment. We paid the remaining 50% balance when we arrived at the reception.

■ What to prepear in  advance before the tour

You will be given a pair of shoes, a helmet and life jacket. The other things I recommend to bring are these.


1: Swimsuit 

It goes without saying, but should bring one. There is a changing room but I recommend to wear it in advance.


2: Waterproof bag

You need a waterproof bag to put your belongings in. You can give your belongings to the staff for safekeeping but it is better if you safekeep them yourself, right?  


3: Water

Canyoneering takes a pretty long time. You definitely need water. You can put it in the waterproof bag or in a pocket on the life jacket.


4: Band-Aid

There are many sharp rocks. I sometimes slipped and hit my elbows. So I recommend  bringing some Band-Aids just in case you get a cut injury.


5: Money

Along the canyoneering route, there is a shop where most of the tourists take a break and rest for a while. It is an unbelievable place where some locals cook and sell food as hotdogs and barbecue.  If you bring some money with, you can buy food there.


6: Action camera

Since you swim and jump there, it is the best to bring an action camera such as a GoPro.


■ Is it far from the reception to the start point of canyoneering?

After the reception, you need to choose the shoes. Many people already use the same shoes so some of them are really wet. If you don’t want to wear those shoes, you need to bring your own shoes.

We were given a helmet and a life jacket by the guide. And then the guide brought us to the start point near the top of a mountain, which is far away from the reception. We went there by riding on motorcycles.


This is the place where we were brought. 


This is the sign at the starting point. I looked around but there was no waterfall, not even the sound of rushing water.

I made some British friends on the way to the falls. We talked about traveling and enjoyed the trekking together.

After walking for a while, we finally heard the sound of water and that made us  excited. 


■ The biggest waterfalls in Cebu! You can’t stop jumping into the emerald green water!

After the long walk, finally, our canyoneering began. The entry starts with a jump!

The water is so clear and not too cold. 


There are some jump points. The highest jump point is over 10 meters.

Kawasan Falls is said to be one the 100 most beatiful falls in the world. Now, it is needless to say how popular it is. haha.


This is the resting place I mentioned before. They want to sell food to the tourists but I am sure it is definitely hard to bring food and the other stuff here. 


This is the last jump point. Can you see a man trying to jump from the rock?


You can’t tell from the photo, but the jump point feels much higher than it actually is.

I was able to jump at every jump point.

But my jump is just like a normal jump. It is just like straight into the water from legs. Our guide’s jump was so cool. He showed us some variation of jumps such as rolling and twisting in the air.

You can have lunch right next to the waterfalls.

There are some tours not only canyoneering but also going behind the waterfalls and swimming. Research well, enjoy well.


This is a video about my Philippines trip although it is not only about Canyoneering parts.

If you are interested, please check it out.


This is all about canyoneering in Badian going to Kawasan Falls!

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, here are the links to my previous articles about Moalboal and Oslob. 

Thank you for reading!


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