Love traveling: How to go to Palawan from Cebu

I am writing about how to get to Palawan from Cebu.  I actually went to Palawan from Cebu on 1st of January in 2018.

So I can write with the actual experiences I had.

■ What is in Palawan? 

First of all I need to tell you what is in Palawan. Even if I tell you how to get to Palawan from Cebu, it has no point if you are not interested in going there.

Palawan is one of the most popular islands and many people travel there. There are very popular places such as El Nido and Coron. Coron is a little bit away from the main island of Palawan but my Filipino friend says, Coron is also in Palawan.

And they have so many beautiful nature sites!

These pictures are proof.

This is the most beautiful beach I have ever been.


There are beautiful lagoons as well.

I absolutely recommend to go there!

I would like to write about the details of those places from the next articles.

■ How to get to Palawan

Let’s see those two island’s locantions.

Palawan is in the west and Cebu is in the middle of the Philippines.

You need to take planes from Cebu to Palawan.

From Cebu, there are direct flights to two airports in the main island of Palawan. These two airports are El Nido Airport and Puerto Princesa Airport.
There are 4 airlines flying from Cebu but only one of them has direct flights to El Nido Airport while the other three have direct flights to Puerto Princesa Airport.
There is another direct flight from Cebu to a third airport in Palawan, which is located in Coron island, north of the main Palawan island. This airport is known as Francisco B. Reyes Airport or Busuanga Airport.

1: El Nido Airport

If you want to go to El Nido,  El Nido airport is better. And Air SWIFT has the direct flight to El Nido.

You can book a ticket on Air SWIFT homepage.

2: Puerto Princesa Airport

If you want to go to Puerto Princesa which is the capital of Palawan, you may take any of those three airlines.

This is the flight schedule.

The flight from Cebu to Puerto Princesa takes 1hour 10minutes ~ 1hour 20minutes.

I got those information from this site.

But Puerto Princesa is really far from El Nido and Coron. You need to take a bus if you want to go to El Nido from Puerto Princesa. And it takes about 6 hours including some breaks.

This is the bus schedule from Puerto Princesa to El Nido.

The cheapest fare is 385~480PHP(It is about 7~9USD : Aug 2018 rate). 385PHP is the cheaper but it doesn’t have air conditioner.

Driving in a tropical island for 6 hours without air conditioner is pretty tough, right? I might be dead.

3: Francisco B Reyes Airport(Busuanga Airport)

If you go straight to Coron, you should select Francisco B Reyes airport.

Here is the flight schedule.

This three airports’ locations are shown here.

So you can select the airport depending on the destination in Palawan.

My destination in Palawan started from El Nido, so I selected El Nido airport and Air SWIFT.

■ Domestic departure in Cebu Mactan Airport

Cebu Mactan airport is in Lapu Lapu City, Cebu. It was my second time to use this airport but this time was for domestic travel.

You can go to many places. There are 26 domestic flight from Cebu.

The flight time was 15:15 and I got to the airport 2hours before fligt.

Killing time at Starbucks.

The staff asked my name and this came. It means that I need to improve my pronunciation.

We were brought from the gate to the Air SWIFT plane by a bus.

It was rainy on the 1st of January in 2018 and the AirSWIFT staff welcomed us like this when we arrived.

Air Swift従業員の心配り
Air Swiftの従業員の心配り

Rain was not so heavy and the distance from the bus to the plane is also so short but the staff held the umbrellas up so that the customers won’t get wet. I thought no one would complain even if they get wet during the short walk. Their attitude of thinking much of customers was so nice and I felt I want to use this airline again.

The plane capacity is 40~50 passangers.

■ Arriving at El Nido airport

After the 1 hour and 40minutes flight, I finally landed on El Nido.

It was rainy in Cebu but it was perfectly sunny in El Nido. It was so beautiful.


This is how the airport looks like from the outside. It looks just like a house.


The inside is like this. There was only one big space. Everyone in this picture is waiting for their luggages. There is no converyor belt. The staff brought all of the passengers’ luggages and gave each directly to the owners.



I liked this atmosphere of the airport. It seemed to me like an airport built in a jungle.

Everyone waits for a taxi or tricycle bound for El Nido outside of the airport but all of vehicles were gone when we arrived so we had to wait for a while.


That is all!

I will write about the activities and the places I recommend in El Nido and Coron.

Thank you so much for reading!!

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