Love traveling: How to get to Busuanga Island and Coron Islands which are called paradise in Palawan

Hello everyone.

I would like to share how to get to Coron with you. Coron is a little bit away from the main island of Palawan. But Coron is also a part of Palawan.


■ Coron Island? Busuanga Island? Coron? What is the correct name of Coron? 

There is a town called Coron in Busuanga Island and there is also an Island called Coron near Busuanga Island.

Those same names confuse people sometimes. When people talk about Coron, you need to make sure which Coron they are talking about.

Let’s see each location.

The airport and the ferry terminal are in Coron, Busuanga island.


There is a monument of Coron and it seems like the symbol of Coron Island but this is in Busuanga island. It is a little bit confusing, isn’t it?


You can see this beautiful view in Coron Island.



■ How to get to Coron in Busuanga Island

You can go to Busunga Island by plane or ferry. Let’s see the plane routes first.


■ Francisco B. Reyes Airport

If you want to go there by plane, you need to look for the planes which arrive at and depart from Fransico B. Reyes Airport.

Looking for the planes, there are some airports which have scheduled flights between Francisco B. Reyes Airport.


1:  Mactan Cebu International Airport

Mactan Cebu Airport is in Cebu. The flight time between those airports is 75 minutes. And the airlines are Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific. 

I took the Philippine Airlines flight when I went back to Cebu from Busuanga.

If you want to know the transportation from Cebu to Palawan, please check this out.

Love traveling: How to go to Palawan from Cebu

2:  Clark International Airport

Clark International Airport is near Manila. The flight time is 60 minutes and it is a little bit earlier than the flight from Mactan Cebu International Airport.

The airlines are also Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific.


3: Ninoy Aquino International Airport(NAIA), Metro Manila

The Ninoy Aquino International Airport or NAIA is the airport located in the capital of the Philippines, which is Metro Manila. The flight time is about 40 minutes.

The airlines are Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, Sky Jet and Air Juan.


4: Caticlan Airport

Caticlan Airport is in Panay Island which is the closest island to one of the most popular island, Boracay. The flight time is about 50 minutes.

The airlines is Air Juan.


5: Puerto Pricesa Airport

Puerto Pricesa is also in Palawan and the flight time is 80 minutes.

The airlines is Air Juan and Air Swift

There are other two more Airports which are in Palawan, One is San Viento Airport and another one is El Nido Airport.

The airline from San Viento Airport to Francisco B. Reyes Airport is Air Juan.

And the one from El Nido to Francisco B. Reyes Airport is Air Swift.


These are the flight booking site of each Airline

・Philippines Airlines

・Cebu Pcific

・Air Swift

・Air Juan

・Sky Jet

You can also go there by ferry.

■ El Nido Ferry Terminal

If you want to go to Busuanga Island by a ferry, you will depart from El Nido.


The ferry terminal is in the center of town. You can get there soon.

But the departure time is 6 am so you have to be careful so that you won’t oversleep.

The ferry terminal.


Actually, people finally could take the ferry on this day since the ferry had not been allowed to leave the terminal because of a typhoon.

Most of the people in this picture came here to get a ferry ticket expecting other people  cancel. They were chosen randomly if they can take it or not.


This is the ferry schedule.


The fare is 1,848 pesos. It is about 98 US dollars.(2018.9.18) 

You can book the ticket from this site.


The ferry pitched badly. The waves are so tall. I felt as if the ferry was flying and it is not joking.

I don’t usually get sick on the boat but it pitched so badly and it took about 3 hours, I was about to vomit.haha

I just concentrated on trying to sleep. There is a chance it was only the day I took on the ferry but you better to prepare some medicine.


■ How to get to Coron Island

How to get to Busuanga Island is as I told you. I want to share how to get to Coron Island a little bit.

You can go there from Busuanga Island by boat. There are many tours including Island Hopping so if you join those tours, it is the easiest way to go.

■ Summary

I mainly wrote about how to get to Busuanga Island.

First of all, since there are two Corons, make sure about which one you want to go to. But you need to go to Busuanga Island going to either of the two Corons.

There are some ways to go to Busuanga Island so you have to think about where you will go there from and think of the places to enjoy and the transportation.


I will write about Busuanga Island in the next article.

Thank you so much for reading.





■ コロン島?コロン?ブスアンガ島?何が正式名称?










■ ブスアンガ島(コロン)への行き方


■ フランシスコ B レイズ空港

ブスアンガ島には、フランシスコ B レイズ空港があります。

ですので飛行機で行く場合は、このフランシスコ B レイズ空港を発着とする飛行機を探します。

調べてみると、フランシスコ B レイズ空港からの定期便が発着する空港はいくつかあるみたい。その主なものを紹介したいと思います。






海外旅行フィリピン編:セブ島からパラワン島への移動時に感じたフィリピン人Air SWIFTスタッフの温かな心遣い






(3) ニノキ・アノイ国際空港(ルソン島)


ニノキ・アノイ国際空港からのフランシスコBレイズ空港行きのフライトを出している航空会社は最も多く、フィリピン航空、セブ・パシフィック航空、スカイジェット、Air Juanがあります。

(4)ゴードフレード P. ラモス空港(パナイ島)

ゴードフレード P. ラモス空港はパナイ島にあり、人気の観光地ボラカイ島から最も近い空港になります。

フライト時間は50分。航空会社はAir Juanになります。


同じパラワン島にある空港の1つであるプエルト・プリンセッサ国際空港からも行くことができます。航空会社はAir SwiftとAir Juanになります。所要時間は80分程度です。

その他同じパラワン島からだと、エル・ニド空港、サン・ヴィセンテ空港からも行くことができます。航空会社はエル・ニド空港からはAir Swift、サン・ヴィセンテ空港からはAir Juanになります。  




・Air Swift

・Air Juan



■ エルニド フェリーポート



















■ コロン島へはどうやって行く? 





■ まとめ 








Love traveling: The spots and activities I absolutely recommend in El Nido

Hello everyone.

I summarized the troubles caused by a typhoon in El Nido in the previous article.

I am going to write about places I went and activities I did in El Nido when it was not rainy.


■ Las Cabanas Beach

Las Cabanas Beach is in the south which is a few minutes away from the center of El Nido. It took 12 minutes from the hotel we stayed in.



You can get to the beach after going down this flight of stairs.

The beach was messed up by a typhoon. The dog in the middle of this picture also looks disappointed.

But if you see the ocean and the beach from the sky, you will find out how beautiful it is.

The ocean is so clear! If the sun is sunshining, the color looks even more beautiful.

You can also enjoy ziplining here.


■ Canopy walk 

If you want to do something but you don’t have enough time to go to the places which are far away, Canopy walk would be great.

The location of the canopy walk shop is in the center of El Nido but it seems to hide.

It is only one minute away from the hotel but we couldn’t find it. (Mabye because it was  too close?)  We asked local people where the place is and found it. You can get there by passing through one narrow street from the main street.


This is the starting point. You will rent a rope with a carabiner and a buckle which saves your life and a helmet.

Canopy walk costs 500 pesos for each person. It is about 10 US dollars (5th/Sep/2018).


You definitely need an insect repellent spray.

A guide will navigate you so you can just follow the guide.


There is a suspension bridge on the way.


You can walk around at the top and see the whole of El Nido town. The view is good!



You can see the view of El Nido town. The weather is not good.

The staff will take your pictures.


Those poles seem to be just put on the stones and not fixed. So it looked a little bit dangerous.

But the shop is in the center and it doesn’t take a long time. And the view from the top is really awesome, I can recommend going!


■ Island Hopping Tour

It was canceled once due to a typhoon but I definitely recommend to join an Island Hopping tour. It is totally worth it!


There are 4 basic tours in El Nido tour. And there are 4 choices from A to D.

Each tour goes to 5 different islands but the islands to visit are different for each tour.


You can choose the islands and order Combo tour. Combo has 3 choices, A&B,A&C,C&D

If you choose a Combo tour, you can go to 7 out of 10 different islands.


We have chosen Combo Tour A&C. The cost of each combo tour is as follows.

Combo A&B: 1,900pesos (98.33 USD)

Combo A&C: 2,000pesos (103.50 USD)

Combo C&D: 1,800pesos (93.15 USD)

This exchange rate is as of the on 9th of September in 2018.


I guess the reason Combo A&C is the most expensive is that it is the most popular.

These are the islands to go on Combo A&C tour.


We actually went to 1:  Papaya Beach(It is not in the HP)→ 2: Helicopter Island → 3: Talisay Beach(It is not in the HP)→ 4: Hidden Beach → 5: Secret Beach → 6: Big Lagoon → 7: Small Lagoon.


During the tour, the tour guide sometimes changes the destination if the island we are supposed to go is crowded. The islands I wrote “It is not in HP” are those islands which are not in the original plan.


On the tour day, the tour staff tried to accommodate as many custmers as they can since it was right after a typhoon and their business got affected negatively. Tourisits who came earlier just waited for a long time.


They all complained.haha


Papaya Beach

The tour guide changed the destination to Papaya Beach. We stayed here for only a short time. 

It was about 10 to 20minutes. We enjoyed just swimming or snorkeling.


Helicopter Island 

The next island we visited was Helicopter Island. The name came from the shape of the island.


It looks like a helicopter, right?

The water is so so clear and beautiful!


Since the people were not able to swim for the past days due to the tyhpoon, they were really enjoying swimming and taking photos at the beach.


Hidden Beach

The boat stopped a little bit away from the beach the beach so people have to swim to get to the beach. It was still windy and the waves were pretty high on that day so it was hard to swim.

If you walk for a while, there is an open space and you come from the left side to the beach in the picture below.

Secret Beach

You have to swim again to get to the beach. And the distance is farther when compered to Hidden Beach. 

There was no beach looking around the boat. 

The entrance of the Secret Beach is very small and people usually can’t find it. You have to swim at least 20 meters to get there. There is a small limestone tunnel that you have to pass through. The Secret Beach is in the inner part of the limestones.

This is how the inside is (the entrance is under the limestone which is in the center of the photo but probably you can’t see it).

Secret Beach is completely surrounded by limestones. It was like only a few people knew its location and kept it a secret within themselves. As the suggested by its name, this is exactly a secret beach.

This is one of my favorite beaches.


Big Lagoon

You can also enjoy lagoons on the latter half of the tour. 

Big Lagoon was so magnificent.

Big Lagoon is so popular and there were many staying boats, so the entrance of the lagoon was crowded.

You can enjoy kayaking here.

Some points are shallow enough to walk but many big boats also pass even though it is so shallow. 


Small Lagoon

There is another lagoon called small lagoon.

The entrance is small like the one of the secret beach.

You can enjoy kayaking here as well.

It was pretty late and it was getting dark. We stayed on the kayak and enjoyed the quiet and peaceful moment.

I really felt like I am part of nature and I wanted to stay a night on the kayak.


You can not enjoy without this Island Hopping Tour, haha.

I really enjoyed and I want to recommend you to join this tour.

You can check the detail on this HP.

■ Summary

Typhoon ruined our time in El Nido but we still enjoyed enough. There are so many beautiful places that attract many people.

I especially liked the Island Hopping Tour. I was highly satisfied even if it was only one day. That means that El Nido is worthy of visiting even if you only have one day for traveling. haha

Thank you for reading!





■ ラス・カバナス・ビーチ











■ キャノピーウォークでエルニドの街を一望





















■ アイランドホッピングツアーは絶対にオススメ!












自分達のツアーでは、1: Papaya Beach(HPには記載なし)→ 2:  Helicopter Island → 3: Talisay Beach(HPには記載なし)→ 4: Hidden Beach → 5: Secret Beach → 6: Big Lagoon → 7: Small Lagoonでした。







Papaya Beach

混み具合から、近隣の島のPapaya Beachへ変更。



Helicopter Island

それから、Helicopter Island。名前の由来は島の形から。





Hidden Beach

Hidden Beachは、ビーチから離れた場所で降ろされます。泳いでビーチまで行かなければなりませんが、この日は台風の風が残ってて、波が高くみんな苦戦してました。



Secret Beach








Big Lagoon 





Small Lagoon









■ まとめ 





Love traveling: Troubles in El Nido, There is a probability that your carefully crafted plans will be ruined in a tropical paradise.

Hello everyone.

I am writing about El Nido but I think some of you already realized this is not going to be a positive article.

I want to share the troubles I had in El Nido with you.

I was supposed to stay in El Nido from the 1st of January until the 4th of January.

El Nido is said to be the most beautiful place in the Philippines and I was really excited to explore and join each tour we booked in advance there.

But UNFORTUNATELY, the first typhoon in 2018 came and hit Palawan and messed up my plans. The two tours were canceled and my friends and I  were about to miss the ferry to go to Coron.

I am going to write about those troubles in order, but what I want to tell you is if you travel in a tropical country, you should think about what to do when a typhoon comes. The country you travel might not manage customers in the same way  your country does.

■ About El Nido 

The location of El Nido is in the northern part of Palawan.

You can take a tricycle from El Nido airport and it takes about several munites to get to the main town.

The population is about 40,000 and restaurants and many shops for tourists stand in a line.



I saw more tourists, expecially from Western countries, than the local Filipino people. And I heard British accent more often.

El Nido is also a port island to go to small islands in the north in Palawan.

There are many boats staying here.


The day I arrived in El Nido, my Filipino friend and I checked-in our hotel first and met another Filipino friend. It had been a long time since we gathered last.

We had a dinner and enjoyed drinking beer next to the beautiful beach.

We were thinking about only fun things.

I was supposed to dive the next day.

■ Typhoons can  come any time of the year in the Philippines

Our travel plans were ruined by the first typhoon in 2018 whose name is Agaton.

It hit the middle of Palawan from on the 2nd of january until the 3rd.

This is the typhoon information from the Meteorological Agency in Japan. I realized that it became a typhoon on the 31th of December. But who cares about a typhoon during a trip?

I didn’t think about a typhoon at all because it had been totally fine after I arrived in the Philippines.

The central pressure was over 1000hpa, which means it is not a so strong typhoon. But people were not allowed to take boats from the ports due to the wind and rain.

The diving was canceled.

We could not do anything so we stayed at the hotel for a long time.


But we didn’t want to waste time so we decided to go to Nacpan Beach even it rained.

■ Two beaches are connected in Nacpan Beach

We road a tricycle to Nacpan Beach on the messed road for about 50 minutes by a tricycle.

I just wished it was sunny.

I can not tell you how tall the wave actually is. It is pretty tall. People evacuated under the beach  parasoles when it got heavy. Some people still enjoyed playing volleyball.

We had a lunch under a parasol. The steamed crabs we had at lunch was so good.


The broadcast said that the typhoon would pass Palawan on the 3rd of January, so we thought it would get better soon.

■ Island hopping tour

We were supposed to join the Island hopping tour on the 3rd of January and it was the tour I really looked forward to. We booked a private Combo Tour A & C so we could enjoy the boat by ourselves.

You can check what the Combo tour A & B is from this site.

We went to the shop to check the situation of the tour and if we could go on the next day. All tours from the 2nd of January were cancelled.

The staff said that the typhoon had already passed so we could probably go on the tour. But the coast gaurds will give the final decision on whether or not  to allow tours by 5am on the next day. So the tour agency could not say anything yet.

We went to drink with unsure feeling.

It was cloudy but it wasn’t so rainy.


I expected we probably could go!!

■ It was not enough to allow tour even if the typhoon completely passed!?

My friend got a message from the shop which said all tours for the day have been canceled as advised by the Philippine Coast Guards.

My friend asked why since it wasn’t so rainy, so why? And the answer was it was still windy offshore so the coast guards still warned about the risk.

We all got disappointed but there was another thing to worry about. It was whether we can take a ferry to go to Coron on the 4th of January.

We have to take a ferry to go there.

If we missed the ferry, we have to book a new ticket.

My friend went to check the condition of the booking.

■  A ferry ticket can be quashed when a typhoon comes!?

Can you believe it? Even if you booked the ticket, it might be quashed for the people who missed the  ferry before you.

We realized that when we asked if we could go to Coron as scheduled.

The ferry trip had been canceled for two days so many people missed their trips and those people were given priority to take the ferry even if we already booked.

We booked a ferry ticket online a couple of months earlier through but when we talked to the staff of, they could not give us a ferry ticket because they said the ferry tickets are already sold out due to the canceled trips. They said we can reschedule the trip or they can give us a refund.

This is NOT fair.

We needed to book a new ticket for a ferry leaving on 5th.

But it was really difficult to get that because there were many people who wanted a new ticket like us. Thanks to my friends’ tenacious negotiation we finally could get that.

But going to Coron was postponed a day.

■ The booking for a private tour was also quashed

Since the ferry was postponed we decided to join the private combo A & C tour for the next day.

We were remaking the travel plan carefully step by step again and it seemed to be going well.

And we realized we can go on a tour that day.

When we got to the shop, there were many other tourists who found out the weather condition got better and expected they can join the tour without an advance booking.

I thought we already booked so we all are fine. But my friend started to have a quarrel with the staff with an angered face and I realized something was going wrong.

I asked him what happened and he said they said there is no private boat and we all are going to take the same boat with other people who are coming to the shop now.

You know what? The tour shop thinks more of the number and not the booked customers. I understood it must have been a hard time for the shop to make money during the typhoon. But if they cancel the booking, it breaks the trust of costomers causes bad evaluations.

We needed to join the public tour.  It happened as if to add insult to injury.

Although it was not the worst thing that happened on that day. An even worse thing happened during the tour. I flew my own drone at the small beach surrounded by limestones which are about 100 meters, I think.  And it was blown away by the wind and it got stuck on the stones. I could not take it back.

I realized El Nido HATES me. haha

But the tour was really good.

They brought us to some islands and we enjoyed swimming, snorkeling and kayaking.  The lagoon was especially beautiful and it was my most favorite place for me on the tour.

I would like to write about the tour in another article.

■ The last day in El Nido. The competition to get a ticket for going to Coron

We went to the port in the really early in the morning on the day we were scheduled to leave El Nido.

But there were already many people who were hoping some might cancel.


People seem to be chosen randomly. Some people got mad at the staff saying “Are you kidding me?” or “That is not fair!”

Some people explained they have to take the ferry to Coron on that day so that they can still catch their flights at Coron Airport.

Those were all of the troubles I had in El Nido.

It became a pretty negative article but I learned that it is important to think of what to do in case an  emergency happens. If you have such consciouness, the action will be different.

I would like to write about the tour next.

Thank you for reading.