Love traveling: How to get to Busuanga Island and Coron Islands which are called paradise in Palawan

Hello everyone.

I would like to share how to get to Coron with you. Coron is a little bit away from the main island of Palawan. But Coron is also a part of Palawan.


■ Coron Island? Busuanga Island? Coron? What is the correct name of Coron? 

There is a town called Coron in Busuanga Island and there is also an Island called Coron near Busuanga Island.

Those same names confuse people sometimes. When people talk about Coron, you need to make sure which Coron they are talking about.

Let’s see each location.

The airport and the ferry terminal are in Coron, Busuanga island.


There is a monument of Coron and it seems like the symbol of Coron Island but this is in Busuanga island. It is a little bit confusing, isn’t it?


You can see this beautiful view in Coron Island.



■ How to get to Coron in Busuanga Island

You can go to Busunga Island by plane or ferry. Let’s see the plane routes first.


■ Francisco B. Reyes Airport

If you want to go there by plane, you need to look for the planes which arrive at and depart from Fransico B. Reyes Airport.

Looking for the planes, there are some airports which have scheduled flights between Francisco B. Reyes Airport.


1:  Mactan Cebu International Airport

Mactan Cebu Airport is in Cebu. The flight time between those airports is 75 minutes. And the airlines are Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific. 

I took the Philippine Airlines flight when I went back to Cebu from Busuanga.

If you want to know the transportation from Cebu to Palawan, please check this out.

Love traveling: How to go to Palawan from Cebu

2:  Clark International Airport

Clark International Airport is near Manila. The flight time is 60 minutes and it is a little bit earlier than the flight from Mactan Cebu International Airport.

The airlines are also Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific.


3: Ninoy Aquino International Airport(NAIA), Metro Manila

The Ninoy Aquino International Airport or NAIA is the airport located in the capital of the Philippines, which is Metro Manila. The flight time is about 40 minutes.

The airlines are Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, Sky Jet and Air Juan.


4: Caticlan Airport

Caticlan Airport is in Panay Island which is the closest island to one of the most popular island, Boracay. The flight time is about 50 minutes.

The airlines is Air Juan.


5: Puerto Pricesa Airport

Puerto Pricesa is also in Palawan and the flight time is 80 minutes.

The airlines is Air Juan and Air Swift

There are other two more Airports which are in Palawan, One is San Viento Airport and another one is El Nido Airport.

The airline from San Viento Airport to Francisco B. Reyes Airport is Air Juan.

And the one from El Nido to Francisco B. Reyes Airport is Air Swift.


These are the flight booking site of each Airline

・Philippines Airlines

・Cebu Pcific

・Air Swift

・Air Juan

・Sky Jet

You can also go there by ferry.

■ El Nido Ferry Terminal

If you want to go to Busuanga Island by a ferry, you will depart from El Nido.


The ferry terminal is in the center of town. You can get there soon.

But the departure time is 6 am so you have to be careful so that you won’t oversleep.

The ferry terminal.


Actually, people finally could take the ferry on this day since the ferry had not been allowed to leave the terminal because of a typhoon.

Most of the people in this picture came here to get a ferry ticket expecting other people  cancel. They were chosen randomly if they can take it or not.


This is the ferry schedule.


The fare is 1,848 pesos. It is about 98 US dollars.(2018.9.18) 

You can book the ticket from this site.


The ferry pitched badly. The waves are so tall. I felt as if the ferry was flying and it is not joking.

I don’t usually get sick on the boat but it pitched so badly and it took about 3 hours, I was about to vomit.haha

I just concentrated on trying to sleep. There is a chance it was only the day I took on the ferry but you better to prepare some medicine.


■ How to get to Coron Island

How to get to Busuanga Island is as I told you. I want to share how to get to Coron Island a little bit.

You can go there from Busuanga Island by boat. There are many tours including Island Hopping so if you join those tours, it is the easiest way to go.

■ Summary

I mainly wrote about how to get to Busuanga Island.

First of all, since there are two Corons, make sure about which one you want to go to. But you need to go to Busuanga Island going to either of the two Corons.

There are some ways to go to Busuanga Island so you have to think about where you will go there from and think of the places to enjoy and the transportation.


I will write about Busuanga Island in the next article.

Thank you so much for reading.


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