Love traveling: You will be definitely amazed with Coron island tour

I am going to write about an island hopping tour which starts off in Busuanga island. 

I also joined island hopping tour in El Nido. On the tour in El Nido, you can go to 7 different places. I can also recommend this. If you are interested in that, more details are in this article.

Love traveling: The spots and activities I absolutely recommend in El Nido




The tour I am writing about leaves from Busuanga. In the Philippines, there are so many uninhabited islands. So the beautiful nature has been maintained and we can see those places on the tour.

The island hopping tour is popular among tourists and it is also an important activity in the tourism  industry of the Philippines.


■ About the tour

The tour I joined was Coron Island Tour. And it brought us to 7 different places, namely , Balinsasayaw Reef, CYC Beach, Beach 91, Skeleton Wreck, Malwawey Coral Garden, Twin Lagoon and Kayangan Lake. I will write about those places later.

The tour takes a whole day. It starts at 8 am and finishes at 5 pm.

The price is 1,600 pesos and it is about 30 dollars(2018.10.31). It is reasonable, right?

You can book the tour on the website called Coron

■ Meeting up and Starting Point of the tour

The meeting point is central market and the meeting time is 8 am.  Tour staff will pick you up from your hotel by van.

There are so many boats for tours such as island hopping tours and diving tours.

If you want to know about the central market the details are in this article.

Love traveling: What is in Busuanga Island?


We got there pretty early so we had to wait for a while in the boat.

I was very excited with the tour because the same tour in El Nido was really good. The total number of the guests with us was about 10. They came from different countries such as Japan, Philippines, America, Ireland and France.


Leaving the market, the monument of Coron can be seen above the hill. It was such a perfect weather.

I am going to write about each place in short as follows.


■ Balinsasayaw Reef

The first place we visited was Balinsasayaw Reef.

The boat was attached to a small house floating in the ocean. We enjoyed snorkeling here.

If you put your face into the water, you can see the beautiful corals.

I was too absorbed seeing them and I didn’t realize I went pretty far away from the boat.

Since entry in some areas have been profibitten for environmental protecting them, a guide told me not to go.


■ CYC Beach

The next place we visited was CYC beach. 

The beach and ocean was super beautiful! When we got there, everyone was like OMG.

It is not too much if I say the most beautiful beach in the world.

You can enjoy kayaking, snorkeling and diving here. Since it is not too big an island, maybe you can go around it by kayaking.


Isn’t it super beautiful? The color is different depending on the depth.

I didin’t dive here but if I come back I definitely want to dive. I enjoyed kayaking althoug I was really jealous of divers.

Everyone was having fun with taking pictures and laying down on the beach. There are many trees of mangrove. They look just standing on the ground.


■ Beach 91

We had lunch here at Beach 91. 

I don’t know why this beach is called Beach 91. There is a house to have lunch.

It was viking style and they have Filipino food such as adobo. The tast was so good.

We spent free time for a while after lunch. Some people stayed at the table and chatted, some took a nap, some swam.


■ Skeleton Wreck

The next place we visited after lunch was the Skeleton Wreck.

You can enjoy snorkeling and kayaking here as well. There is a sunken ship of Japan.

You can see it with snorkeling but it is in the 20 meter depth. So diving would be better if you are really want to see it.

And you can also school of fish here. It is not that much big comparing to the school of sardine in Moalboal, Philippines. But it was like a ball and pretty cool to see!

You can also see some corals but the water wasn’t so clear.


■ Twin Lagoon

I went to lagoons on the tour in El Nido but we could go to see lagoons on this tour as well. There are many lagoons in the Philippines.

Since the name of lagoon we visited is twin lagoon, it is easy to imagine two similar lagoons are there.

The view changes when you get there and it is just beautiful. The wave was really calm.


As I guessed there are two connected lagoons. You can go through a tunnel to each lagoon.


This is the view of a lagoon after going through the tunnel.


The sky from a lagoon surrounded by limestone was so special.

You can spend peaceful and silent time.


■ Kayangan Lake

The last place we visited was Kayangan.

There were so many boats when we got there. You will see how popular it is.

You need to walk on a path a lit bit from the place boats are stopped and hike up a small mountain.

Kayangan Lakeの入口付近

This is the starting point of hiking looks like. It is very easy to hike because there are stairs.

Kayangan Lakeの入口

You will see a beautiful view on the way to Kayangan Lake. I realized that the place where the boats stop are docked is actually really nice from the mountain.


Every tour shop in Busuanga island has a poster including this view on the shop, inviting customers. We had to wait to take our picture because there was a long queue and it took a while.

After taking pictures, we kept walking to the lake. Just at the point where we can take a beautiful view, the path changes from going up to going down and you will have a glance at a blue lake between trees.


The lake is like this. It is really big!

Kayangan Lake

Since no wind comes into the lake, the lake was so calm. Everyone enjoys swimming and snorkeling.

It is so quiet and I loved it a lot. I was just seeing sky floating for a long time.


■ Summary

That’s all of the places we visited on the tour. The Philippines consists of islands. If you want to see beautiful islands as much as possible, I really recommend to join this tour.

Some of them are similar but each of them is different. A common thing for those islands is we can enjoy snorkeling 100%. 

Please think about this tour when you go there.

Thank you for reading!


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